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Man of Iron: A World-Class Bodybuilder's Journey to Become an Ironman

From the gym to the trails, join Kris Gethin on his journey to complete an IRONMAN.

As a widely followed personal trainer and professional bodybuilder, Kris undoubtedly knows his way around the weight room. But as more of his peers became involved in endurance races, Kris became intrigued by the possibility of a new mental and physical challenge―did he have what it took to grind out an IRONMAN, without sacrificing his muscle mass? Thus began Kris’s mission to prove that all athletes will benefit from a combination of hybrid training, whether that be endurance athletes adding more strength training to their routine, or weightlifters incorporating cardio. He developed his 6-month training program as he went, integrating the insights of experts from multiple fields as well as the results from his own experiences.

Kris put in the work to become a hybrid athlete―from fine-tuning his nutrition, preventing injury and refining technique, preparing his body to take the immense beating an IRONMAN presents, and developing the mental techniques necessary to stay focused and on course. Do you have what it takes to become a MAN of IRON?