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Why You Should Train Hard and Be Stubborn About Your Goals with Dana Linn Bailey

May 17, 2019 2 min read

Why You Should Train Hard and Be Stubborn About Your Goals with Dana Linn Bailey

If you haven’t heard about Dana Linn Bailey yet, turn up the volume so you can hear loud and clear about how amazing this woman is. Dana is the first IFBB physique pro in history, winning the first ever Ms. Physique Olympia in 2013. Until the Physique category came along there were only two other female categories: Figure and Bodybuilding. When Dana stepped on the competition stage all that changed and she championed a stronger, more muscular physique for females. Dana’s accolades don’t stop there. Besides being an avid animal lover (check out her goats, man!) Dana has been featured on several magazine covers and even made it on America Ninja Warrior. With her husband Rob, they both now own their own gym, clothing line, supplement line. Tune in to hear Dana’s story and why she thinks no matter your gender or size you should train your face off.


1:51 Dana’s athletic background Dana was a 6 sport athlete: she swam, ran track, played softball, basketball, field hockey, and soccer. Growing up she was always competing or getting ready for something.
2:54 How Dana got into weight lifting She had just started dating Rob and due to their busy schedules they never saw each other except late at night. Rob suggested she come train with him during his lunch hour so they could see each other during the day. The rest is history… “It felt good to be strong and do things that other girls where doing. In 2005 if girls were in the gym they weren’t in the weight room.”
7:22 How Dana got into competing “I don’t even remember doing cardio, I don’t know how I got there!”
11:40 How Dana trains and how her training style developed
12:02 “If I could do more reps why would I stop shy of hitting failure?”
13:33 Why Dana trains
15:55 Female weight training and how that has evolved over the years
34:44 What is next for Dana and Rob in the entrepreneurial space
37:24 Should females train different than males?
“I cared way more about training that getting first place or getting first call out”
“As soon as you take the fun out of the thing you love then what is the freaking point”
39:48 Reasons Dana is following an intermittent fasting diet right now:
Doing it for the cognitive benefits Noticed improved energy levels Enjoys fasted training Hasn’t noticed any difference in strength or physique, hasn’t lost any muscle
47:47 Dana’s advice for people who want to make a living in the fitness industry “Just start”
52:00 One thing Dana would change if she could go back in time


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