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Time Management: Every Second Counts

March 28, 2018 1 min read

Time Management: Every Second Counts

Gethin Gyms Franchise, CEO of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements and the host of many Daily Video Trainer Video Series that have transformed Millions.

This episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast discusses time management for the busy individual. We have all heard the many excuses that people have when it comes to getting things done. Today Kris shares some of his time-saving tips and tricks.


- Common distractions that steal our time (04:04)
- Replacing your distractions with something productive (04:56)
- Having a checklist and reward system (06:05)
- Food Prep time saver (09:43)
- Tips and tricks for prepping your clothes (11:00)
- How to prep your supplements (13:20)
- Time-saving tip for your gym bag prep (14:43)
- Always have an intent with whatever it is your doing (18:00)

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Instagram: @krisgethin

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