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EP 15: The Psychology of Overeating

April 10, 2018 1 min read

EP 15: The Psychology of Overeating

Overeating: everyone has done it at least once in their lives. Many of us have made it a terrible habit. Most of the time it stems from a psychological issue rather than a physiological one. It affects people in the general population as well as those in the fitness industry.

In this episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, Kris gives us 7 tips to help break this bad habit.

Time Stamps

  • Find out what triggers your overeating behavior and plan accordingly [2:56]
  • Removing carbs and replacing it with good fats and fiber [3:59]
  • Chew slowly, don’t rush while you eat [6:00]
  • Eat nourishing food [9:27]
  • Are you eating because you’re hungry or because you are stressed? [10:19]
  • Are you getting adequate sleep? Check your blood levels [11:25]
  • Hacks for eating slowly [13:01]
  • Understanding that you are in control [16:26]
  • Find out how you can win some free supplements [17:43]

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