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Strategic Quitting vs. Just Giving Up: What's the difference?

June 12, 2019 1 min read

Strategic Quitting vs. Just Giving Up: What's the difference?

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a Quitting Evangelist. She helps people quit anything that’s no longer serving them, like jobs, relationships, or mindsets, through her book, Quitting by Design, and her podcast, Quit Happens, along with speaking and coaching. She is also a board-certified physician in family medicine and sports medicine, currently working at the Veterans Administration, and she serves as Chief Medical Editor for PRIME, the largest peak performance, optimization, and longevity marketplace in the country. In addition, she is an attorney and former adjunct law professor.

When not doctoring, lawyering, or preaching the gospel of strategic quitting, Lynn Marie can be found doing yoga, playing multiple musical instruments and dancing like everyone's watching.

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