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EP 135: The Ripple Effect of a Transformation

April 14, 2021 1 min read

EP 135: The Ripple Effect of a Transformation

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Scott is one of many VIP clients Kris Gethin has trained over the years. Scott has been working towards transformation much of the last 15 years, using different programs and diets, until he started VIP training with Kris.

He started the program at 226 pounds, has lost 40 pounds since starting the program, and is working to get down to 185 pounds before packing on more muscle. On top of working towards his goals, Scott’s wife is now joining the VIP training with him!

Listen to Scott’s transformation story and how training with Kris changed his life.



Time Stamps


  • Why Scott started training with Kris [2:07]
  • Scott’s face transformation [5:30]
  • A calorie is not just a calorie [6:33]
  • How Scott’s life has changed since losing 40 pounds [7:15]
  • Diet’s role in transformation [9:31]
  • Sleep’s role in transformation [13:11]
  • How Scott’s wife is inspired by his transformation [15:30]
  • Why you get cravings [17:29]
  • Influence on Scott’s children [18:22]
  • Bad food is everywhere [19:57]
  • Scott’s next goal [23:36]
  • Meal replacements [26:23]
  • Scott’s experience training with Kris [27:34]


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1 Response

Paul Hardy
Paul Hardy

May 04, 2021

Awesome results and what a great attitude- inspirational, thank you Scott for sharing your journey 👍👊

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