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Prioritizing Sacrifice Over Success

July 24, 2018 1 min read

Prioritizing Sacrifice Over Success

In your search for success, you may be overlooking one vital link—sacrifice. On today’s episode, Kris explains the role sacrifice plays in reaching success and provides simple steps that you can implement today. To go from trivial milestones to meaningful success, tune in today.

“If you find that you do not have the discipline within you, you’re gonna have to create it.” - Kris Gethin


The role of sacrifice in gaining success (:52)
#1-What you need to change about your mornings (2:56)
#2-Don’t let sleep ruin your sacrifice (5:29)
#3-Do more cardio (6:05)
#4-Focus on your last workout repetition (7:55)
#5-Building discipline with getting comfortable being uncomfortable (9:33)
#6-Take it back to the basics (12:26)


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