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Part I: Tips for the New 8-Week Muscle Building Video Trainer

June 26, 2018 1 min read

Part I: Tips for the New 8-Week Muscle Building Video Trainer

Kris Gethin is a Pro Natural Bodybuilder, IRONMAN, Ultra-Marathon Runner, Author, Co-Founder of the Kris Gethin Gyms Franchise, CEO of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements and the host of many Daily Video Trainer Series that have transformed millions.

Answering all the questions that came up from his ‘New 8 Week Muscle Building Video Trainer Series’, Kris shows how his free program can transform your physique and transform your mind by giving you exposure to discipline, structure, and sacrifice.

On this episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, we learn how to hack our health and improve ourselves. We’re also reminded how goals and values always change over time and how important it is to stick with your training.


- How training changed going through the photo shoot (4:30)
- The sample meal plan and why there are so many carbohydrates in there (5:48)
- Doing cardio while fasting (8:00)
- Supplementations and which are the best to take (9:55)
- Building muscle and how to consume enough carbohydrates (10:56)
- How long to take for rest periods to maximize your performance (13:38)
- A good replacement to use if you don’t have a hack squat (16:20)


8-week muscle building video CONNECT WITH KRIS Instagram: @krisgethin

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