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EP 8: My Hacks To Reverse Dieting: The 8 Week Hardcore Daily Video Trainer Reboot Series

February 21, 2018 2 min read

EP 8: My Hacks To Reverse Dieting: The 8 Week Hardcore Daily Video Trainer Reboot Series

Week 8 of the 8 Week Hard Core Trainer Series

This episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast discusses how to reverse diet safely and efficiently.

Kris talks about just how to modify your old lifestyle choices in order to ease yourself into the post-training world. This includes lowering your cardio, reintroducing carbohydrates, creating healthier versions of your old favorite foods, and fasting.

This episode is all about understanding what your life looks like healthier and how you can continue helping your body get better.

Reverse Dieting Recap 

  1. Increase carbs by 50 grams per week for 4 weeks. By week 4 you should be eating 200 more grams of carbs than when you finished the Hardcore Trainer.
  2. Increase fats by 15 grams for two weeks, then increase again by 15 grams for two more weeks. You should keep fats relatively low anyway if you want to maintain your physique.
  3. Decrease cardio by 10 minutes the first week for a total of 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening. Decrease cardio again the second week by 10 minutes so you’re down to 35 minutes in the morning and 35 minutes in the evening. To maintain your physique, you should be doing at minimum 25 minutes of cardio in the morning and 25 minutes in the evening.
  4. Limit your sugar intake - don’t rush to the Cheesecake Factory. Try incorporating natural sugars such as low sugar fruits (berries) in your diet first. For example, you can mix Kaged Muscle Supplements Kasein into a thick pudding and top it off with blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, and blueberries.
Time Stamps
  • Lowering your cardio during reverse dieting [1:14]
  • How to slowly introduce carbohydrates back into your diet [3:29]
  • Understanding why you are having cravings at the end of the program and the proper way to reintroduce sweets back into your body [6:26]
  • Tricking your eyes and body into thinking you’re cheating by making healthier versions of your favorite foods [8:51]
  • The benefits of fasting and how to safely go into and out of a fast [12:35]

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