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EP 72: Mindset is Everything: Interview with Sunshine at Bass Canyon

September 13, 2019 2 min read

EP 72: Mindset is Everything: Interview with Sunshine at Bass Canyon

Do you ever find yourself in a vicious mental spiral that you think you just cant get out of? You're not alone!

In this episode, Kris sits down with his fiancé Sunshine to talk about their crazy camping experience and how some of the events that happened could have been avoided with a small perception change.

This episode was recorded at Bass Canyon Music Festival, so if it's a little loud and windy, that's why. Hope you enjoy!

Time Stamps

  • When you are tired and don’t feel good you are not good to be around. Sibylle gets vulnerable and details how she felt leading up to Kris’s birthday weekend camping trip [3:50]
  • The importance of conditioning your body to your environment and changing the bad perceptions in your brain [13:45]
  • Why you MUST do things that make you uncomfortable every day [18:26]
  • The mental conditioning that is meditation [20:50]
  • Why you must be ready for the elements of surprise [25:28]
  • How to build your mental fortitude and block out the noise [33:05]
  • The concept of making yourself harder to kill [42:15]
  • What are some strategies to break out of your comfort zone? [45:39]
  • Kris and Sibylle detail his upcoming fitness retreat [52:25]

Featured Guest: Sunshine

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