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EP 11: Kris Gethin's Hacks to #LiveTo100

March 13, 2018 1 min read

EP 11: Kris Gethin's Hacks to #LiveTo100

In this episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, Kris discusses a recent conversation he had with a few highly regarded doctors at the Arnold Classic. They have found that there has been a sudden incline in health implications from people in the “health” community.

The environment we live in is out to hurt us and we need to take special care to maintain our health. Kris talks about things that he does every day to maintain a healthy body.

Time Stamps

  • Sudden incline in health implications coming from the “health” industry [2:06]
  • Infrared Clear Light Sauna [5:42]
  • Cold therapy helps with inflammation [6:51]
  • Staying away from WiFi and EMFs [7:26]
  • Filtering all of my water...drinking and showering [9:21]
  • Vitamins, fermented supplementation & detoxes  [9:56]
  • Using natural cleaning and care products [13:53]
  • Vegetable intake [16:38]
  • Staying away from plastics [17:14]

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