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Interview with Ben Greenfield

March 26, 2019 2 min read

Interview with Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, professional Spartan athlete, anti-aging consultant, speaker, author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life” and is the host of the Ben Greenfield Podcast.

With nearly two decades of experience working as a strength and conditioning coach, exercise physiologist and biomechanist, Ben is also the man responsible for maximizing performance, recovery, fat loss, digestion, brain, sleep and hormone optimization for CEO’s, ultra-endurance competitors, and a wide variety of professional athletes, including poker champions, tennis players, motocross competitors, the NFL, the NHL, the UFC and beyond. (Learn more about him here).

Tune in to hear Ben’s perspective on exercise, why he thinks you should be spending less time in the gym, and his DIY approach to optimizing your health.




10:00 How Ben transitioned from being a bodybuilder to an Ironman competitor

22:00 Ben’s perspective on exercise

27:00 How to increase your longevity and lifespan while bodybuilding or exercising: start with taking care of your cellular health.  

  1. Air: “Be aware of air because you’re sucking it in all day long.”
  2. Water
    • Infrared light
    • Wear blue light blocking glasses
    • Replace bulbs with incandescent lights
  3. Light
    • Turn your wifi off in your house at night when you sleep
    • Put your phone on airplane mode when you are not using it
  4. Electricity


37:00 Things athletes or exercise enthusiasts should be aware of that scratch the itch of making their body better without beating their body up.

Tests someone should get to personalize their training:

  1. Genova Diagnostics: Urinary Amino Acid Test
  2. TSH, T3, Thyroid Antibodies, Reverse T3
  3. Complete Blood Panel
  4. Gut - Parasites, Gastric Inflammation
  5. Salivary Genetic Profile
  6. Food Allergy Panel


“Do more than the average MD is going to do to get a clear picture of your health.”

60:00 Ben’s travel hacks to beat jet lag


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Ben’s website

Ben’s Instagram

Kion Coffee *Save 10% when you use the code KAGED10 at checkout

Books - Beyond Training 

The Triathlon Dominator 

NASA clean air study 


Quicksilver Scientific 

“Sunlight Makes You Skinny, Blue Light Makes You Fat” article

The Body Electric by Robert Becker

Cyrex - Food Allergy Panel  

Ancestral Panel - 23 and Me

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