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EP 38: How to Make Friends as an Adult: Interview with Sunshine

October 09, 2018 2 min read

EP 38: How to Make Friends as an Adult: Interview with Sunshine

This episode features Kris’s girlfriend, Sunshine. The big question is, how do you make friends as an adult? When you’re a kid you don’t even think about it, but as you grow up and join the real world it becomes more challenging, awkward even, to put yourself out there. This just means you have to be more intentional about how you find friends. There are apps to find best friends similar to those that you would use to find romantic partners, but you still have to navigate the real world in order to make and keep those friends.

Tune in to hear them talk about why it’s harder than ever to make friends these days and what you can do about it.

Time Stamps

  • Introducing Sunshine [1:00]
  • How Kris & Sunshine got on the subject of friendship [2:03]
  • Kris knows how to make friends but doesn't keep many [3:43]
  • Sunshine's challenges of making friends as an adult [5:50]
  • Finding people of similar interest to you [9:30]
  • Socializing is anti-aging [10:30]
  • The power of quality friendship [11:45]
  • Friendship takes effort [13:17]
  • Is friendship hard to find for youth nowadays due to excessive technology use? [14:18]
  • Sunshine's goals for friendship [18:40]
  • Does upbringing impact your need for friendship? [20:40]
  • Social interactions in school [23:45]
  • Needs for social interactions change as you get older [26:27]
  • Expect nothing and find people you want to be around [30:00]
  • Keeping friendships while having a family [32:35]
  • To have good friends you need to be a good friend [34:20]
  • How to have an authentic friendship [34:45]
  • Have active meetings like walks with new friends [38:30]
  • Find friends with a similar lifestyle [39:50]
  • Put yourself in the right social circumstances [40:39]
  • Maintaining friendships [42:50]

Featured Guest: Sunshine

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