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EP 16: How to Battle Depression

April 17, 2018 1 min read

EP 16: How to Battle Depression

In this episode of the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast, Kris discusses how to combat depression and anxiety. He gives us insight on some of the things he has battled with personally. Plus Kris shares some of the things he has implemented in his own life to help eliminate and reduce depression.

Time Stamps

  • Kris’s personal battles with depression [1:55]
  • Tip #1: Reduce Inflammation [3:14]
  • Tip #2: Breathe in lots of fresh dry air (limit exposure to mold) [5:20]
  • Tip #3: Keep your antioxidant, omega 3, zinc and magnesium levels high [9:06]
  • Tip #4: Get outside and exercise [12:20]
  • Tip #5 Infrared Sauna & Cold Showers [14:48]
  • Tip #6 Diversify your nutrition [16:19]
  • Tip #7 Use supplements without heavy metal contaminants [18:35]
  • Why there are a lot of people with depression in the fitness industry [19:00]

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