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EP 98: Q&A - Nootropics, Quick Workouts, Training Around Injuries, Vegan Bodybuilding, and Genetics

February 18, 2020 2 min read

EP 98: Q&A - Nootropics, Quick Workouts, Training Around Injuries, Vegan Bodybuilding, and Genetics

On today’s episode Kris is answering YOUR questions!  In this QnA episode we dive into bodybuilding on a busy schedule, maintaining muscle during injury recovery, supplementation, nootropics and much more! 



We would love to answer your questions on air!  Simply call (208) 261-2288 and leave a voicemail.

If you are interested in diving deeper with Kris head over to HealthKik.com for access to video trainers, muscle building and fat loss programs, nutrition plans, and members only webinars!

Time Stamps

  • How to stay on track while keeping a busy schedule. [2:20]
  • To what degree does genetics play a role in building muscle? [8:20]
  • Is it possible to build maximum muscle while on a vegan diet? [10:50]
  • Using periodization to improve strength. [14:50]
  • How to preserve muscle while dealing with an injury. [19:00]
  • Maintaining motivation after novelty has worn off. [28:45]


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February 21, 2020

Hi Kris I’m trying to get the free bottle of probiotics but when I click on the link P3OM.com/KrisFree it just gets me to sign up for a newsletter and doesn’t give me an access/promo code to use for my free bottle. Anyways just thought I would let you know that I’m having trouble with it and maybe you could look into it for me and others.

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