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EP 95: Troubled Teenager to Arnold Classic Champion and Olympia Runner Up: Interview with William Bonac

February 04, 2020 2 min read

EP 95: Troubled Teenager to Arnold Classic Champion and Olympia Runner Up: Interview with William Bonac

Kris talks with one of the top bodybuilders of today, Arnold Classic Champion and 2019 Mr. Olympia runner up, William Bonac.  William and Kris dive into his humble roots growing up in Ghana, how he prioritizes his family while juggling professional commitments and of course we check in on his prep for the upcoming Arnold Classic.

Time Stamps

  • His path into bodybuilding [1:58]
  • Did he have any aspirations to make a living as a bodybuilder? [7:27]
  • How he put his family before his own self-interest [8:48]
  • Why he holds his prep in Amsterdam [14:07]
  • The importance of sleep for long-term health [18:28]
  • The macro breakdown he follows to prep his body for a show [24:33]
  • What does his cardio protocol look like during prep? [27:36]
  • Does he eat cheat meals? What does one look like? [29:30]
  • How an injury before Olympia affected his showing [31:30]
  • Why when he goes to the gym, he gives his all [39:03]
  • What physique will he bring to Arnold Classic this year? [40:20]
  • How many days a week does he train? Hitting any muscle groups twice a week? [41:50]
  • Where else can we expect to see him compete this year? [43:43]

    Featured Guest: William Bonac

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