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EP 93: Upgrade Your Brain and Performance with Primal Living and Biohacking

January 28, 2020 3 min read

EP 93: Upgrade Your Brain and Performance with Primal Living and Biohacking

Joining us today is Joe DiStefano, primal living coach, executive of Spartan Races and CEO of Runga Retreats.  In today's episode we dive into why primal exercise, diets and lifestyle have been so effective in optimizing health, performance and mindset.  We discuss what makes hot and cold therapy so beneficial, why the "food pyramid" gets it wrong, and the primal lifestyle pillars of earthing, light exposure and movement.  Listen to the end to hear why Runga has become a premiere retreat in the paleo/primal world.



Time Stamps

  • Why the letters after your name don’t mean much if you are not changing lives. [2:00]
  • The two things that taught him the most in his life. [5:02]
  • The importance of healthy fats in correlation to repairing traumatic brain injuries. [6:20]
  • How he changed the way he exercised after going through his traumatic brain injury. [10:30]
  • Why it’s all in the journey and participation. [13:35]
  • When you expose your body to extremes everything in between gets easier. [15:46]
  • The benefits of hold/cold contrast. [21:07]
  • How athletes in Iceland are a product of the culture. [26:38]
  • How light exposure impacts your sleep. [29:36]
  • Hacks to improve your sleep and jump-start your day. [34:24]
  • Fasting 101: What is it, who is it for and suggestions on how to start? [45:50]
  • What is Runga? Who is it for and what the experience can do for you? [1:02:51]
  • The polarity in the nutrition space. [1:10:13]
  • Fixing the corporate culture. [1:13:09]

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