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EP 92: How To Build Premium Multi-Million Dollar Bodybuilding Businesses

January 21, 2020 3 min read

EP 92: How To Build Premium Multi-Million Dollar Bodybuilding Businesses

On this episode of Knowledge and Mileage, Kris talks with Michael Johansson, founder of Gasp Clothing and Better Bodies. We dive into what it takes to build a successful fitness brand as well as the latest from Gasp HQ, Destination Dallas.

Listen to the end to hear what's next for body building's premiere apparel line and what's coming with the brand new Destination Dallas gym.

 Time Stamps
  • What is Destination Dallas and what do we have to look forward to with the new location? [3:45]
  • How did he get involved in the industry of bodybuilding and fitness in the first place? [6:30]
  • Creating a brand of his own, the process that went into it, scaling and the challenges he faced [12:45]
  • What distinguished his brand from the rest of the market? [18:25]
  • Breaking into the international market, the origins of GASP, the importance of getting the ‘feeling’ into the product and more [20:57]
  • Where was his marketing put into? [27:43]
  • How does he go about choosing ambassadors for his brands? [30:00]
  • How success is NOT measured on money, but rather on social belonging [33:00]
  • What is the reasoning behind the GASP Iron World Tours? [34:50]
  • Pushing boundaries, trusting your gut and always pushing forward [39:53]
  • How did GASP get started from an idea to a business? Do you require capital or investors? What was the spark that pushed you guys to make that leap from forming this business? [42:34]
  • With the advent of social media and the ability to market outside your demographic, do you plan to use that to expand your product offerings? If so, can you share what data you have used and how you made that determination? [44:32]
  • What recommendations or advice do you have for someone interested in starting their own brand or company? What obstacles did you face and what challenges seem insurmountable in the beginning? [45:57]
  • Making life and adventure and NOT work [50:00]
  • What does the future look like for Better Bodies and GASP? [51:55]
  • The importance of focusing on the journey rather than the destination [54:40]

Featured Guest: Michael Johansson

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