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EP 90: From Multi-Millionaire Failure to Spiritual Succes: The Power of Plant Medicine

January 07, 2020 3 min read

EP 90: From Multi-Millionaire Failure to Spiritual Succes: The Power of Plant Medicine

10 years ago, Gerry Powell was living the American Dream. He had just sold his company for $94 million, owned 5 houses, 20+ cars and 2 planes. But he wasn't happy. While his life looked like a dream from the outside, he was hooked on Demerol, was an alcoholic and suicidal. After several failed rehab attempts, his life didn't change until he was introduced to the plant medicine ayahuasca. 

Fast forward to today and Gerry is living a life of peace, happiness and prosperity in Costa Rica after founding the world's highest rated resort which happens to center around the plant medicine and spiritual healing that changed his own life.

Tune in to hear the conversation he and Kris had while Kris was at a retreat at the world reknown Rythmia!

Time Stamps

  • From a drug addict to nearly committing suicide to winding up on ‘the moon’. Gerard shares his fascinating background to where he is today [0:45]
  • Not as advertised: The experience that is Rythmia [10:20]
  • How being ‘woke’ is a scam [13:36]
  • The miracle of changing your perspective [15:24]
  • Making the case why you should visit Rythmia [18:01]
  • The details of his first ayahuasca experience? [20:06]
  • Why he believes love is trying to keep us from slaughtering each other [21:14]
  • The concept of being ‘split’ + the value of relationships, family and connection [23:35]
  • Why they believe the medicine takes care of the past. The benefits of stem cell therapy [30:00]
  • How is ayahuasca different from other psychedelics? [36:35]
  • Does he have any plans for expansion? [38:55]
  • Where to go if people want to visit Rythmia? [41:30]

Featured Guest: Gerard Armond Powell

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