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EP 86: Intermittent Fasting - Bridging the Gap Between Bodybuilding and Longevity with Siim Land

December 10, 2019 3 min read

EP 86: Intermittent Fasting - Bridging the Gap Between Bodybuilding and Longevity with Siim Land

Joining us today is biohacker, author and holistic health coach Siim Land.  In today's episode Siim takes us on a deep dive on autophagy, the ketogenic diet and fasting.  Make sure to listen to the end to hear how you can get Siim's book on metabolic autophagy for FREE!



Time Stamps

  • What is metabolic autophagy? How did he get into it and who is it for? [2:40]
  • The difference between looking big and having muscle vs stimulating your mTor pathway all the time. [6:03)
  • What is his view on essential amino acids in regards to stimulating autophagy? [11:20]
  • Does he take his supplements before breaking his fast? [16:40]
  • What does his weight training routine look like? How does he break his fast? [19:21]
  • Why it’s not a good idea to keep your body in a single state all the time. [21:30]
  • The process from moving someone from a typical carbohydrate-rich diet into a keto (or fat-adapted) diet. [23:40]
  • The importance of practicing moderation and self-control. [27:39]
  • The value and benefits of getting quality sleep for longevity and fat loss. [30:57]
  • How can one ‘hack’ their deep sleep? [36:48]
  • What are his recommendations for time-restricted eating? [42:15]
  • What aspects of fasting help with muscle hypertrophy? [47:50]



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