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EP 82: How Dubstep DJ Kai Wachi Transformed His Life and Physique with Fitness

November 19, 2019 2 min read

EP 82: How Dubstep DJ Kai Wachi Transformed His Life and Physique with Fitness

This episode's guest is a personal success story for Kris! World renowned DJ Kai Wachi joins us to discuss how Kris helped with his life changing transformation. Tune in to hear how Kai fits a healthy lifestyle into a rigorous touring schedule, redefined balance in his life, and stays sober in an infamous party scene.

Time Stamps

  • The power you feel when you fuel your body properly. [6:30]
  • Not a one-trick pony: How Kai keeps his fanbase satisfied yet guessing. [13:39]
  • Using your body as a part of your brand to motivate & inspire. [19:25]
  • The inspirational story of his sobriety. [23:30]
  • Turning one addiction into another: The MASSIVE physical transformation he achieved while in jail. [28:40]
  • What are the food options behind the scenes for a DJ? [32:00]
  • Why it’s easier to say NO than to have one. [35:30]
  • Changing your perception of having ‘fun’. [38:28]
  • How do you hack your environment while traveling? [46:40]
  • Transforming himself and in the process changing people’s lives. [55:55]
  • How does he workout on the road? [59:34]
  • Is there a market for health & fitness in the music industry? [61:40]
  • How he uses fasting while on the road. [65:15]

Featured Guest: Kai Wachi

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