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EP 76: Finding Ultimate Success in the Fitness Industry

October 08, 2019 1 min read

EP 76: Finding Ultimate Success in the Fitness Industry

Joining us today is Kris' long time friend and founder of Titan Fitness in Australia, Mets Aalin!  In this episode, Kris and Mets give the low down on what it takes to run a successful gym, the challenges Mets faced in the early days of Titan and why he persevered through those struggles.  We also discuss the importance of building an amazing culture in your club and how to make an impact in YOUR community.



Time Stamps

  • How from the age of 10 he KNEW he would be in the fitness industry. Why sometimes throwing yourself in the deep end is where the success is and with that comes struggle. [2:03]
  • The moment the tide changed and he started to have some success in the industry. [6:25]
  • Why in life you must climb those stepping stones to move forward. The challenges faced and lessons learned in opening gyms. [10:30]
  • The importance of creating a culture of respect, tribal leadership in building a successful gym setting.  [19:02]
  • What standards does he expect from his team members? [23:41]
  • How success is created on impact. [26:15]
  • Why we must look after our health to live a more purposeful life. [28:40]
  • If you can’t get your nutrition right, you are not going to get your mindset right. [35:14]
  • Be grateful and be present when someone recognizes your accomplishments. [40:35]



Featured Guest

  • Mets Analin (@titanmets) • Instagram 

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