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EP 75: Turning Weakness into Strength

September 30, 2019 3 min read

EP 75: Turning Weakness into Strength

Today we are joined by boxer turned bodybuilder Mike Rashid and his business partner, Sean Torbati. 

In this episode Kris, Mike, and Sean discuss mastering your mind and body through training, nutrition and meditation.  We talk about shortcuts vs fundamentals or "low hanging fruit" when it comes to improving your life and the necessities of mastering the fundaments of training and nutrition prior to implementing biohacking tricks and finally how mindfulness has improved Sean, Kris, and Mike's lives.



Time Stamps

  • Turning weaknesses into strengths when you encounter adversity. [1:51]
  • How to deal with haters and trolls. [4:28]
  • How to identify vibrational mismatches. [8:50]
  • The power of meditation. [9:56]
  • Exercising your right to consuming the information that makes you happy and STOP what doesn’t. [16:14] 
  • Why you must pick from the low hanging fruit before you ‘bio hack’ your life. [21:21]
  • Is there anything wrong with vanity? [30:30]
  • Where do we draw the line to the number of followers you have to being respected? [37:11]
  • How through suffering comes growth and comradery. [45:25]
  • Why there are few products out there that merge the health and performance sectors.  [51:00]



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