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EP 73: Rehab, Health and the Evolution of Bodybuilding: Interview with Tito Raymond

September 17, 2019 2 min read

EP 73: Rehab, Health and the Evolution of Bodybuilding: Interview with Tito Raymond

Tito Raymond joins us today to chat about his bodybuilding career, rehab and parenting! We start by diving into Tito's rehab protocol post hip replacement. From there we touch on his history of bodybuilding, why he chose to compete natural and how the sport has changed over the years. Finally we finish up with Tito's advice on living a healthy lifestyle and raising kids in a digital age. 

Time Stamps

  • How Kris came into bodybuilding looking up to Tito [2:30]
  • The struggles of bulking up and how Tito’s training has changed since having his hips replaced [5:30]
  • How Tito progressed his rehab prior to getting back into the gym [11:00]
  • How Tito’s bodybuilding career began [21:30]
  • Tito’s natural approach to the sport [26:30]
  • How bodybuilding has changed due to social media [30:00]
  • Navigating parenting in the digital age [34:30]
  • Tito’s active version of meditation [42:30]
  • How Tito’s diet has changed over the years and how he balances his families diet [44:00]
  • Tito’s approach to achieving his goals [50:00]

Featured Guest: Tito Raymond

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