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EP 125: Do Our Genetics Hold the Key to Our Optimal Diet? with John O'Connor

September 03, 2020 1 min read

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Today on the Knowledge and Mileage Podcast Kris talks to John O'Connor, founder of Gene Food. John found his way to the wellness industry through his own struggles with health.

Due to a condition that was mysterious to doctors, John ended up finding that his diet was at odds with his biology.

Tune in to hear how Gene Food was created to help everyone get in touch with their biology and match it with their optimal lifestyle!

Time Stamps

3:00 - How John’s own health led to him tailoring his diet to his genetics.

8:15 - What does a Gene Food protocol look like?

13:00 - Reading Kris’ Gene Food results.

22:30 - Are there genetic markers for gluten and dairy sensitivities?

34:30 - What is a chronotype?

38:00 - Should your genetics dictate your cannabis consumption?

43:00 - Can you get these tests outside of the US?

48:15 - Why should you take a GeneFood Test?

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