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EP 124: Keto Diet, Transformations and Why He Likes to Get Fat Before Fit with Fit2Fat2Fit Drew Manning

August 25, 2020 2 min read

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This week we have the king of transformations Drew Manning joining us to talk keto dieting and transformation.  Drew's entire coaching philosophy came to fruition when he realized that HE needed to experience what his clients go through. So he took 6 months off from training and dieting, gained 75lbs of FAT and then turned it all around.  In this episode Kris and Drew discuss what he found to be the hardest parts of his transformation and the principles that he teaches his clients and followers to make their journey as successful as possible.

Time Stamps

  • Where Fit2Fat2Fit came from? [1:15]
  • Lead with empathy first. [5:25]
  • His step-by-step process to emotional and mental transformation. [10:15]
  • Remind yourself that this is temporary. [16:06]
  • His dietary approach to fat loss. [20:53]
  • His ‘Complete Keto’ guide to mind and body transformation. [24:20]
  • Your body is an adaptation machine. [27:29]
  • His mindset and nutritional approach to training for his first ultramarathon 100-mile race. [29:32]
  • His latest challenge and message behind it. [37:00]

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