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EP 123: Strengthen Your Mentality for Bodybuilding and What a Pro Steroid Stack Looks Like with IFBB Pro John Hodgson

August 19, 2020 1 min read

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This week we have IFBB Pro John Hodgson joining us to breakdown what it takes to be a pro and where the sport has gotten off track.  We dive into the work ethic of modern bodybuilders, whether the sport has been too influenced by drugs and why he believes getting back to basics is the key to a great physique!

Time Stamps

  • How bigger doesn’t mean better. His “tell it like it is” journey coming up in the bodybuilding circuit. [1:40]
  • Reminiscing on stories about Flex Lewis. [9:07]
  • “If you want to gain good quality muscle, you got to eat good quality foods.” The evolution of his physique and nutrition. [11:30]
  • Intensity builds density. [23:00]
  • What does an IFBB pro’s gear usage look like? [27:00]
  • Why one of the hardest parts about being a good bodybuilder is being consistent with your food. [33:50]
  • His daily meal schedule pre and postcontest prep. [40:00]
  • KNOW your body! [44:45]
  • The ruthless and relentless pursuit of competitive bodybuilding. [57:44]
  • Dorian Yates, the last of the old guard of bodybuilding. [1:00:30]
  • Go back to basics! [1:13:52]
  • Love me or hate me mentality. [1:17:30]

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