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EP 112: Stay Lean Without Overtraining or Under Eating with Pauline Nordin

May 22, 2020 2 min read

EP 112: Stay Lean Without Overtraining or Under Eating with Pauline Nordin

Joining us today is IFBB Pro and the creator of the Fighter Diet, Pauline Nordin. Pauline fell in love with bodybuilding at a young age in Sweden and formed a dream of moving to Venice, California. She overcame the fact that she had never trained in a gym and became one of the first Figure Professionals.  In 2007 Pauline turned her unique training and diet style into the Fighter Diet. Tune in to hear more about Pauline’s no BS approach to bodybuilding.



Time Stamps

Who is Pauline Nordin and what prompted her fitness journey? [3:30]

What made Pauline want to move to LA? [9:00]

Why Pauline broke the bodybuilder mold when she was competing. [17:45]

Pauline’s “feeling” approach to training. [22:15]

Is HIIT necessary? [38:30]

How does Pauline keep her physique even though she isn’t competing? [44:30]

Pauline’s take on meal timing and portion sizes. [49:00]

Featured Guest

Pauline Nordin [IG @PaulineNordin]

The Fighter Diet

Eat Big, Loose Big, Fighter Diet

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