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EP 110: Optimize Gut Health for Optimal Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Performance and Cognition

April 28, 2020 2 min read

EP 110: Optimize Gut Health for Optimal Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, Performance and Cognition

Joining us today is one of the founders of BiOptimizers, Wade Lightheart. Wade is a former competitive bodybuilder who used his experiences prepping for shows to find a better way. After experiencing brain fog, irritableness, and tiredness during prep as well as bloating and rapid weight gain post-contest Wade knew it could be different.

Tune in to learn how to keep your body and brain in top shape through gut health!

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Time Stamps

  • How Wade’s love for bodybuilding led to him to focusing on health and fitness [2:00]
  • Why is gut health necessary for a great physique? [8:30]
  • How Wade broke the mold of gut health supplementation [15:00]
  • How BiOptimizers started tackling gut health [24:00]
  • Probiotics and brain health [37:00]
  • Do digestive enzymes help while fasting? [44:00]
  • How can you get the most out of your probiotic? [47:30]
  • Staying on track with your health practices [56:00]

Featured Guest: Wade Lightheart

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