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EP 109: Harder to Kill: Overcoming Adversity through Grit and Perseverance with IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino

April 21, 2020 2 min read

EP 109: Harder to Kill: Overcoming Adversity through Grit and Perseverance with IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino

IFBB Pro 212 body builder Guy Cisternino joins Kris on this episode of Knowledge and Mileage to discuss triumph in the face of adversity.

Guy's battled injuries, poor genetics and grew up a small and bullied kid but that didn't stop him from becoming one of the top bodybuilders in the world. Now even as he is at the top of his sport he still approaches life with a never fail attitude and is constantly preparing for the next step.

 Time Stamps

  • From growing up the small guy to becoming a professional bodybuilder [1:05]
  • Why he is not a Plan B type of guy [4:48]
  • Does a bodybuilder lose their sense of purpose once they retire? [6:45]
  • How to develop an unbreakable mental tenacity [9:30]
  • The ‘harder to kill’ mindset [14:41]
  • The idea that people judge you based on what they see on social media [16:48]
  • Proving the haters wrong after his multiple shoulder surgeries [21:17]
  • Why his fans drive him and how he responds to ‘keyboard warriors’ [32:27]
  • A rant on Tiger King [37:12]
  • Investments tips during COVID-19 times [40:35]
  • The importance of sticking to a routine to build momentum [43:25]
  • Why once a day he is eating something he wants [46:30]
  • Stem cells, peptides, and their value [50:43]


    Featured Guest: Guy Cisternino

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