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Bodybuilding and Ironman: Can You Do Both?

June 26, 2019 2 min read

Bodybuilding and Ironman: Can You Do Both?

The IRONMAN race is a grueling 140 miles of swimming, biking, and running. People from all walks of life and all ages and genders travel for miles to push their limits to the max. What keeps people coming back?

Today's guest is known as the "Voice of Ironman." Mike Reilly has spent the majority of his career calling out Ironman finishers, and his voice is embedded in the memories of thousands of people. Over the years he has heard countless inspiring stories from people competing in the Ironman events, and he now has published some of the main standouts in his new book, Finding My Voice.

Mike Reilly has done on site announcing and television for Running and Triathlon events worldwide since the late 70’s, this has placed a microphone in his hands at over 1200 endurance events. Mike is the only person who has been inducted into the IRONMAN Hall of Fame (2011), the Running USA Hall of Fame (2017), and the USAT Hall of Fame (2018).

Ironman Hawaii on October 12 will be his 190th calling of an IRONMAN! Over 350,000 triathletes worldwide have heard his famous and heartwarming phrase “You Are an IRONMAN!”

Mike has been involved with endurance sports since running his first marathon and owning a running shoe store with his brother in 1978. He then moved on to represent lines such as Power Bar, Saucony, and Timex as one of their first reps on the west coast. He completed his first triathlon in 1979.

Mike’s endurance on IRONMAN day is legendary. Staring at 5:00 am welcoming athletes into transition then putting them in the water. His day ends 17 hours after the 7:00 am start and his energy and enthusiasm at midnight is as great as it was for the overall champions.

Tune in to hear Mike’s story, and what he thought about Kris when he first saw him in a wetsuit.

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