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Biohack Your Way to a Better Life

August 20, 2019 2 min read

Biohack Your Way to a Better Life

Joining us today is the founder of the upcoming Biohacker Summit in London Tim Gray.  While Tim is a marketer by trade his obsession with biohacking has led him to become one of the world's leading biohackers and even started London's first biohacking group.  

 In this episode Tim shares some of his favorite biohacking secrets and gives us a glimpse into his celebrity packed biohacking conference which takes place next month.

For more information on the Health Optimisation Summit, click here. Save 20% off tickets when you use the code GETHIN20 at checkout.  

In addition to the Biohacker Summit, Kris is hosting his first ever health, bodybuilding and biohacking retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho.  For more information please visit bit.ly/kgbiohackretreat



Episode Sponsors

This episode is brought to you by our friends at Joovv.  As many of you know, Kris has been using Joovv light therapy to hack his circadian rhythm and support his testosterone and overall health.  The benefits are far too long to list here so visit Joovv.com/Kris for more information and to receive a special gift with the purchase of any Joovv product.


This episode is also brought to you by Laird's Superfood.  If you are on the go like Kris is and need a pick-me-up use Laird's InstaFuel because it goes beyond just coffee and includes their amazing superfood creamer.  Use code GETHIN20 for 20% off your first purchase.


Time Stamps

  • The stress behind fitness expos/summits and what it takes to run one. [1:40]
  • The importance of content strategy. [6:19]
  • How he went from super sick to superhuman. [8:09]
  • The importance of prioritizing your health over your physique + the differences between countries when it comes to biohacking. [11:40]
  • How he uses the top to bottom approach when it comes to making a major change in your life. [17:00]
  • Why are testosterone levels lower than ever? [18:28]
  • Steps to get your hormones back in balance. [22:45]
  • The significance of prioritizing sleep. [25:03]
  • Top tips to optimize your sleep TODAY! [29:15]
  • Giving your body what it needs + how our environment determines who we are. [37:30]
  • What should people be testing for? [43:15]
  • Why you MUST educate yourself when it comes to your health and wellness. [51:05]
  • What physical activities does he partake in? [55:20]
  • The Human Optimisation Summit: Curated/interactive experience for all interested in optimizing your best self. [57:30]

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